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The world is your oyster – places to go in 2017

The world is your oyster, as the saying goes … and today we thought we’d share with you a few of the amazing and interesting places to visit in different parts of the globe. Our first choice is here in France, the second a city break and finally a country that is attracting increasing interest as a great place to go. So get your bags packed and we’ll start the tour.

1. Provence. Now who doesn’t love the beautiful image of lavender fields that is so symbolic of Provence in south east France? Provence is a delightful region with countless vineyards and great scenery. The Provençal town of Avignon is famous for being the home of Christendom for more than 100 years and nowadays it is popular for its’ lively outdoor ambience, medieval heritage and the many places to eat and drink.

2. Lisbon. Many of us enjoy city breaks and Portugal’s capital city is perfect for a short holiday or long weekend. It’s a relatively small city by the sea, has interesting architecture and plenty of delicious seafood. Lisbon benefits from a pleasant climate all year round, too.

3. Nepal. Famous for being the location of Mount Everest, Nepal also has a number of world heritage sites as well as a stunning landscape and a rich culture. Sadly it experienced earthquakes in 2015 but if you are looking for somewhere different, then why not consider Nepal? You will be helping the people rebuild their economy and exploring a fascinating part of the world.

Final note: please don’t forget your travel insurance. Here at AXA Marthon we are able to help arrange travel insurance to ensure that you’ll be covered whatever country you are in (including France) and for all eventualities: free from stress and worry. Enjoy your holiday planning – wherever you decide to go.

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