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What’s the inspiration behind your pet’s name?

The choice of name for your pet dog or cat probably says a lot about your own personality as well as that of our furry friends, don’t you agree?

For the majority of us, a pet is a valued member of the family which means that most animal owners will take great care in deciding on a name; perhaps one which reflects the dog or cat’s character traits or maybe a famous name or a celebrity.

There are many differences in the names given between France and the UK, of course.

In France, the top 50 dog names includes some of this country’s favourite comic heroes, including Asterix, Tintin and Gaston (from Beauty & The Beast); great writers and painters (Monet, Matisse and Voltaire) and this being France, food… Baguette, Croissant and Bonbon all are supposedly popular… although Adele is number one.

British pet owners appear to be more traditional, with the likes of Alfie, Charlie and Max the most common names for male dogs, with Poppy, Bella and Molly the top choices for females. These are similarly popular names for cats, too.

There are some quirky pet names however… so if you would prefer something more exotic, how about Winston Purrchill? Or maybe why not call your dog Monsieur Le Colonel Moustache? Literary lovers may prefer The Great Catsby or a name for your pet pooch such as Fiona Penny Pickles?

If you have a pet, whether it is a dog, cat, rabbit or budgerigar, you will know how important they are to you… and like humans from time-to-time they will need medical care. Veterinary fees for surgery following an illness or accident can be expensive, which is why we offer pet insurance to our clients. We will be pleased to provide a quotation for you at no obligation.

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Photo: David Atkins and his dog The Sausage