What are my rights as a consumer in France?

If you’ve lived in France for a while you will be familiar with your consumer rights when you buy goods or services in shops or via the internet. But if you’ve recently moved or you are planning to do so, it’s useful to know where you stand so we’ve put together a few consumer rights hints and tips and details of a recently launched service to prevent unwanted phone calls.

When you purchase items online you do have legally protected rights – just as in any other European Union country. These are in the form of legal guarantees and commercial warranties. In 2014 legislation was introduced to regulate e-commerce activities which amended the French Consumer Code, including stricter controls around price labelling (including delivery and other charges), consumer payment obligations and accepted forms of payment.

The Government Service Public website also contains detailed information and guidance (in French only) on the rights of the consumer and responsibilities of the supplier, including details of exceptions, cooling off periods and much more.

If you are looking to make a complaint and need some help, you may wish to consult one of the 18 different Consumer Associations that exist in France. Their role is to represent and defend the interests of consumers across many types of services and products.

When you buy online, the retailer is obliged to inform you about the right to change your mind, which in French is called the droit de rétractation. Once this is invoked they must refund all of your money although this does not include the cost of returning the purchase.

Internet fraud is a concern too for many shoppers online. If you suspect fraud or suspicious behaviour via the Internet you can inform a body called PHAROS who will take appropriate action.

AXA France also has an insurance policy protecting against cyber-related risks: contact us to find out more.

Finally, many of us dislike receiving unsolicited advertising telephone calls. This summer a new official telephone preferential service called Bloctel was launched in France which enables households to remove themselves from direct marketing lists.
Once you’ve added your name this should significantly reduce unwanted calls.

Understanding your consumer rights is a broad subject and we cannot provide any legal advice on these matters. However, hopefully you’ve found the post useful and its helps you to experience stress free shopping.

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