Short term health cover options for living in France

If you have recently moved to France or are planning to do so then taking out health cover on a short term basis is an option that is worth considering.

Most UK expats who arrive in France will be eligible for health cover via the Carte Vitale and top up health insurance due to being of pensionable age, as a pre-retiree under the S1 system, being in employment or because they have set-up a business in France. However, this can take time to organise especially if you are setting up your own business or maybe you are only staying in France for a short period of time. Short term health cover without any commitments to an annual contract may be just the job.

Underwritten by our partners, this health policy solution provides comprehensive cover for anyone under the age of 75 years, living in France for up to 1 year. It is not an annual contract and may be cancelled at any time, e.g. if you obtain a Carte Vitale.

This package – also referred to as the ‘Premier Euro’ – has two principal benefits:-

  • All medical expenses (up to certain limits) including hospital cover
  • Direct payments – so you will not be faced with paying hospital or health care bills

By law all residents in France must have some form of health insurance which means that it is imperative that if you are now living permanently in the country – short or long-term – you do have some health cover in place.

Finally it’s worth knowing that once you do get into the French health system, we can carry out an in depth study of your healthcare requirements and tailor a product that meets your individual needs. Contact us to find out more.

Special Offer for New Clients! If you take out our Complementary Top Up Health Care cover – called the mutuelle – we’ll give you one month FREE. 

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