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Seeking advice and support on health matters in France

During our lives, there will sometimes be situations when we will need the support, advice and guidance of others. This could be as a result of personal health issues or because a member of our family, our spouse or a friend is experiencing difficult circumstances. When we speak French fluently, this may not feel as much of a challenge; however, if we are less confident communicating outside of our native tongue, getting the support and encouragement of others can be crucial.

That’s why voluntary support groups and community associations play such an important role. For example, this could be by giving information in English for a specific health condition, offering a friendly ear for a chat, a home visit or a visit in hospital. As well as general support on life events such as bereavement, cancer, physical disability, depression, or perhaps as a result of finding it difficult to adjust to life in France. Some groups are organised nationally (e.g. Cancer Support France), others regionally or exist in a particular town or community.

In addition to these support groups, there are a range of telephone and online counselling services available that may be appropriate for your needs. You can look for further information online; Facebook groups can be a useful source in addition to online directories and print publications.

Our agency prides itself on the all-round service we offer to our clients – we’ve been living and working in France for more than 10 years, so we understand the challenges people can face in their lives. Our bi-lingual, English-speaking staff are at hand to assist our clients and to ensure that clients have the appropriate insurance cover to meet their needs, whether this is our comprehensive range of Complementary Health Insurance or another of our insurance products. If you want to find out more, contact us for a discussion and we’ll be pleased to help.

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