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Read our wood-burning stove hot tips to keep you safe & cosy

Wood-burning stoves are a very popular form of heating in France as they are relatively cheap to run and can be easy to maintain. However, if they are badly fitted or poorly maintained wood-burning stoves can be lethal, for example as a result of a chimney fire or carbon monoxide poisoning.

That’s why we are sharing a few tips below to ensure that you can enjoy the warmth and benefits of your wood-burning stove this winter.

1. Installation: safety first. Always use a professionally qualified artisan to install your wood-burning stove. There are many issues to consider when fitting a stove so it’s best to use someone who has the expertise and experience to do the job.

2. Keep your chimney clean. If you use your stove regularly, it’s best to have it swept around twice a year, once in the autumn and later in the winter. Soot, tar and creosote can build up very quickly and is a major source of fires. Use a registered chimney sweep (ramoneur).

3. Fit carbon monoxide & smoke detectors. Follow the manufacturer’s advice to locate the detectors appropriately. Installation is easy and could save your life.

4. Buy properly seasoned wood. Choose your wood carefully so that it is ready for use this winter and will provide good heat efficiency.

5. Use an eco-friendly wood stove fan. These push the warm air that rises from the stove back into the room. It uses no electricity or batteries – and is extremely efficient.

Looking for an alternative to logs? Pellet burners, which use wood pellets, are increasingly popular and there are a range of new makes on the market. We hope these tips will keep you warm – and safe – this winter.

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