French Car and Motorcycle Insurance



What are the risks covered by French auto insurance?

Subscription to car and motorcycle insurance in France should be taken out as soon as an individual has acquired a vehicle. Depending on the contract, coverage may be limited to third parties or to include the vehicle and its driver. Generally, there are three types of auto insurance policies:

The car insurance covering all accidents. This insurance covers both damage to the vehicle and occupants.

The driver's insurance coverage which only concerns injuries to the driver. Under the terms of the contract, this insurance covers medical expenses, financial loss, etc.

Finally, there is also what is called "auto intermédiare". This insurance is so named because of the breadth of coverage that is between third-party insurance and comprehensive insurance.

Who can offer a French car insurance policy?

Only specialized structures have the right to provide car insurance services. For a subscription, it is necessary to go to a licensed insurance company. Nevertheless, we can also offer the services of an insurance broker or an insurance agent. The first as the second particular sells auto insurance on behalf of a company with which they are under contract. For your subscription to auto insurance, AXA provides all automotive brands .

AXA car insurance conform to the Insurance Code .