What do you need to do to sell your car in France?

What do you need to do to sell your car in France?

If you are planning to sell a car in France there are a number things that you need to know to ensure you comply with the law and ensure everything goes smoothly. Below are a few of the most important issues to consider should you decide to do so privately.

The first decision is: how much to sell the car for?

The second hand car market is different in France compared to the UK which means you may need to do further research to determine the value of your vehicle. There are a number of internet sites which can help you or alternatively you can look at car magazines which should enable to establish a realistic price based on the age and condition of your car.

Once you’ve decided the price you’re looking for, you will need to ensure that you have all of the relevant paperwork in place…. which in some cases means in triplicate.

1. The documents include the Carte grise barrée – the Certificat d’immatriculation barrée and your vehicle registration document; the Certificat de situation administrative (confirming your rights to sell the car, e.g. there is no loan outstanding); and finally the Déclaration de cession (form Cerfa n°13754*02) which is the certificate of transfer and document of sale.

2. A valid contrôle technique (CT). You must be able provide a CT that is valid within 6 months of the date you are selling. A CT is required for all cars over 4 years old.

Once the sale is complete you will need to send a duplicate of the Certificat de vente/cession to the Préfecture where the car was registered (there is no charge for the service but this must be completed within 2 weeks).

It’s also wise to think about how you will be paid to minimise the risk of fraud – a Banker’s Cheque is recommended and you should ask for the name of the bank in advance so you can check it has been issued.

The above is a brief summary of the key considerations and you should seek further advice if you require more detailed information.

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