“It will never happen to me”

It is a common expression we are all familiar with. However, accidents can happen as we go about our daily lives and most of us probably give very little thought to how we would cope in the event of a serious accident.

4.5 million accidents occurred in France in 2016. These accidents include many that took place in the home. Burns and scalds from boiling hot water, a hot stove or from the chimney. DIY is also a major cause of injury – and fatality, including falls from ladders and from use of equipment. In fact more people die in the home – 20,000 each year – than due to an accident on the roads.

No one knows what may happen in the future.

Take AXA client Frédéric Sausset. In 2012 Mr Sausset was on holiday in South West France. One day he cut his finger and applied a plaster to the wound.

One month later he woke up – having been in a coma… and with his four limbs amputated. Sadly Mr Sausset had contracted an extremely rare, necrotizing bacterial infection.

This horrific story has an uplifting ending. As he lay on his hospital bed, Mr Sausset decided that in spite of his disability he would continue to set new goals in his life. So, four years later in 2016 he successfully completed the 2016 24 Hours of Le Mans. This is often described as “the most difficult race in the world”.

Fortunately Mr Sausset survived – although sadly many people do not following an accident.

There is a way of guaranteeing an income in the event of a personal injury: we call it Garantie Assurance Vie Privée (GAV) – similar to personal accident insurance in the UK. This policy will pay up to €1 million in the event of a personal injury – and the premiums are more affordable than you think.  Contact us to find out more – including our latest special offer.

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