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How to enrich your life and experience the real France

If you have recently moved to France or are considering doing so, you will no doubt have read lots of tips and advice on how best to integrate into your new life.

Learning the language, the importance of planning your finances and thinking carefully about where to live are all key considerations, of course. However, there are also a number of other things that you could do which will not only enrich your life but enable you and your family to experience the real France. Here are a few suggestions based on our experience:-

1. Join a local club or association. This is a great way of meeting other people who share the same interest or passion. It could be a sports club, Zumba class, a walking group, photography or all manner of different handicrafts. September is the perfect time of year to join with many communities hosting events to welcome new members.

2. Volunteer for an activity. Whether it is to help at the local fête, animal refuge or another community occasion, volunteering will mean that you are able to get to know other people locally and it will often open up other opportunities as you build your personal ‘network’.

3. Support your community events. You may live in a village, in the countryside or in a town; in all cases, there will be regular events such as a soirée repas, music and dancing, cycling race or another sports competition that you can go along to.

When you do not know many people, it can of course be daunting to begin with but will help you make friends and discover more about where you live. And make a real positive difference in your life.

These are just three tips – why not let us know what has enabled you to integrate in France?

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