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How to be prepared for a storm

Thunderstorms and other violent storms including lightning can be a frightening experience – and are becoming increasingly frequent during the summer. In May 2018, France had the greatest number of lightning strikes in one month alone for nearly two decades. Last month, June also experienced record rainfall and flooding in several parts of the country, including Paris and South West France.

So – what can you do to be prepared, both before, during and after a storm?

⚡Keep Informed. Weather forecasting websites such as Météo-France provide storm warnings, simply explained in four different coloured categories to indicate their potential for impact.
⚡Check your property beforehand. Whenever a storm is predicted – whatever the time of year – it is a good idea to walk around your house and garden to identify any potential issues, such as loose guttering or roof tiles, outdoor furniture to be stored or trees which may need attention. Thunderstorms and lighting can result in fierce winds, hailstones and flash flooding so it pays to be prepared.
⚡Stay Indoors. Unplug appliances to avoid any damage, don’t use a landline phone and also avoid running water (lightning can travel through water).
⚡If outdoors, find a place of safety. For example, a car with a metal top and sides can provide a refuge from a storm, so if necessary stay in the vehicle and do not touch any metal.

If the worst happens and your property or possessions are damaged following a storm, we can help! Our friendly helpline service is available 24/7 and our policies include “New for Old” compensation for equipment and material goods as well as for electrical damage. Contact us today to find out more.

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