How do European fuel prices compare to France?

The rising cost of fuel in France is certainly a hotly disputed topic – but how do prices compare with other European nations?

Prices of diesel and petrol have increased steadily over the past 3 years; for example in January 2016 the cost of diesel at the pumps in France averaged at €1.00 compared to €1.45 now. This growth has been blamed on rising oil prices and changes to tax, including specific eco measures to reduce the use of diesel engine vehicles and bring the levy in line with that of petrol.

In terms of comparison with other European countries, France is ranked 8th out of the (current) EU nations for petrol; the Netherlands, Denmark and Italy all are more expensive.  However, if we look at diesel prices France is considerably more expensive than most. According to European Commission data, the tax on diesel has increased by around 30% over a 3 year period, second only to Belgium.

What proportion of a litre of diesel is tax? The precise figure will of course vary slightly, although currently it is around 61% in France. This compares with 64% in the UK, 52% in Sweden – and only 47% in Luxembourg, the lowest rate. This percentage of tax is actually lower than several years ago despite the political turbulence in recent months.

If you would like to save fuel, there are a few things you can do to reduce the cost of motoring:-

  • Check your tyre pressures: the lower the pressure, the more fuel is consumed
  • Use your gears by changing up at the appropriate time and accelerate smoothly
  • Keep to the speed limit
  • Try to minimise the use of your air conditioning

You may have your own tips too… let us know what you think.

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