French top up health insurance

Do I really need French top up health insurance?

French top up health insurance is an important part of your life in France.

Everyone’s health and personal circumstances are of course different. Some people rarely need to go to the dentist apart from an occasional check-up, do not have to wear glasses or rarely visit their doctor.

So if your health feels fine, the question about whether to have some form of top-up health insurance (called the ‘mutuelle’) may not be high on the list. But did you know that your mutuelle could be tailored to your current health needs and budget?

Many people worry about being sold a French top up health insurance policy they do not need – and therefore paying unnecessary premiums. We understand this. That’s why when discussing with our clients whether to have French top up health insurance the first step is to consider their current health situation.

It’s important to realise that the French health system is very different to the UK and some other countries; although some health costs are covered by the state, crucially not all are. So, if you are required to have a stay in hospital for treatment, the costs could be quite significant…. and potentially leaving you with expensive bills to pay. Taking out French top up health insurance to cover the cost of hospital treatment is therefore a ‘must’ for anyone who lives permanently in France.

Having some form of cover is critically important but we can make sure that it is appropriate to your age, health needs and your budget. Our insurance is designed to ensure that no one need pay for a policy they do not need; also, there is no health questionnaire to complete or restrictions due to pre-existing conditions. What’s more, we will deal with all your application in English including providing further help or assistance. If you’d prefer to self-insure for items such as new glasses or dental treatment, then why not set aside a sum each month and keep the money in your own savings fund?

Please feel free to give us a call – with no obligation – to discuss your health insurance queries.

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