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Exciting new car trends in 2019

France is respected across the world for its fantastic wine, great food and fascinating history. But let us not forget another French characteristic: its’ love of cars.

Often innovative; sporty, petite, family and sometimes quirky, there are some 32 million cars owned in France (fortunately not all on the road at the same time…unless it’s the start of the long vacances d’été…) with leading French marques such as Citroen, Renault and Peugeot.
However, the rising cost of fuel, climate change and government policies mean that the car industry worldwide is facing major new challenges to adapt. So what will be two of the key trends in 2019?

1. An increasing use of emissions reducing hybrid technology. France is committed to a ban on sales of cars emitting greenhouse gases by 2040 and car manufacturers are responding by bringing onto the market a wider range of hybrid vehicles. At the October 2018 Paris Car Show Citroen revealed details of its new plug-in hybrid concept based on the C5 Aircross, while Renault is developing hybrid and plug-in hybrid drive systems for the next Clio supermini, the Captur crossover and Megane hatchback.

2. All-electric cars will become more prevalent. Improvements in battery technology have made it easier: Mini will be launching an all-electric version of this popular vehicle this year. 2019 will also see the unveiling by Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, Honda and Polestar of their new battery-powered cars and Citroen has announced that it will offer an electric option across 100 per cent of its entire range by 2025.

If you have €50,000 burning a hole in your pocket, then the new Tesla Model 3 built in the USA – expected to be launched in summer 2019 – is just the car for you. This all-electric four wheel drive saloon can drive up to 550 kilometres on one charge and reach 60mph. That’s roughly the distance between Paris and Bordeaux.

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