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Can you really have an environmentally friendly home with low energy costs?

Zero or low carbon homes are highly energy efficient properties that generate as much power as they use with renewable technologies. With increasing energy bills 💶, a growth in greenhouse emissions and concern for the future of our planet, it is no surprise that interest in France 🇫🇷 and throughout the world in environmentally friendly housing is increasing.

How can a zero carbon home 🏡 be constructed – and what are the benefits?

The construction sector is a huge contributor to CO2 / greenhouse emissions – however, fortunately in recent years technology is providing opportunities to reduce the environmental impact.

Zero carbon houses are carefully designed in terms of their use of space with highly efficient heating and cooling technologies. They are thermally efficient: airtight and watertight keeping a home warm in winter and cool in summer. Zero or low carbon homes use renewable technology such as Solar PV ☀️, often producing more energy than they need and selling the remainder back to the national grid.

These types of homes also have other interesting features. For example, they have excellent standards of insulation, many using what are called ‘structurally insulated panels’ (SIPs) which have an insulating foam core that is strong, energy and cost efficient. Other features include air-source or ground source heat pumps, triple glazed ‘A’ rated windows, recyclable/grey water systems and other forms of innovative technology.

The development of eco housing has been partly driven by the use of modular construction and is used for commercial properties too. A key advantage is in their very low maintenance costs as well as being quick to build with lower delivery times – and built to a high quality.
If you had the chance to live in a zero or low carbon home – would you want to? Please let us know what you think.

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