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How Brexit could impact on your home insurance in France

Do you have a property in France and insure your home with a UK insurance company?

If you own a second home or live in France permanently, it is possible that you have purchased an insurance policy from a UK based insurer. Following the decision by the UK to leave the EU, the UK parliament has recently highlighted the crucial importance of agreement being reached to ensure that thousands of insurance policies were not put at risk before Brexit takes place in March 2019. This is because insurance firms must be legally authorised in an EU country to sell a contract to an EU customer, pay claims, and receive premiums on existing contracts.

So if you have a home insurance policy which is backed or underwritten by a UK provider, it is worth thinking about switching to a French insurer. AXA Marthon is based on the Dordogne/Charente borders and has extensive experience in helping English speaking clients. Of course, it is difficult to know what will be the result of the Brexit negotiations but with the proposed withdrawal of the UK barely 18 months away, it is time to act now.

There are other benefits from using us… especially as we are fully bi-lingual and able to provide a service to you in English at each step of the way. Why?

– UK insurers often misunderstand how French insurance works. For example, many UK policies require window locks for your home, yet this is rare in France.
– UK policies will calculate premiums based on a property value; in France it is the size of the house that counts.

These are only two examples. We have local knowledge and only sell French policies backed by AXA, so we can provide you with peace and mind and a quality service. Contact us today if you wish to discuss further.

AXA Marthon is the authorised AXA representative for the Marthon area in the Poitou-Charentes, providing a professional service to 1,500 English speaking clients in the Charente and Dordogne. We have access to the best insurance and financial services deals in France with bi-lingual, English speaking friendly staff.

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