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6 ways to save energy – and save you money

Reducing the energy we use in our homes is important for the future of our planet – and can also benefit each of us in our pockets. In France the typical household spends €2,500 a year on heating – electricity, wood and gas. By making a few adjustments to the way we live, we could help to lower our energy consumption and save money. Below are a few tips:-

🏠 1. Install insulation. Many of us in France live in older, characterful stone properties – however because of their age and construction they can be cold and poorly insulated. On average, roofs and walls lose between 25-30% of heat without insulation – representing a significant potential energy saving.

💡 2. Use LED lights in your home. These use 90% less energy than normal bulbs and can last 10-20 times longer. And don’t forget to switch off any lights when you leave the room…

❄️ 3. Turn fridge/freezers onto a high setting so that the refrigeration does not need to work so hard – and it uses less energy.

☕️ 4. Drink less tea. No – only joking. However, if you only boil the water you need in your kettle, you will save a few centimes in water and electricity.

📺 5. Switch off the Standby. Did you know you could save up to around €80 a year by turning off your television or computer at the mains rather than pushing the stand by button?

📱 6. Invest in Smart Energy controls. Nowadays you can control your appliances with a mobile app – from wherever you are. It is also possible to install systems which allow you to have variable room temperatures, making a more efficient use of energy.

These are just a few tips – why not tell us some of yours?
In future we will also be sharing with you how low energy and low carbon housing is transforming the way we live – and reducing our use of fossil fuels.

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