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4 tips for making a successful insurance claim in France

If you had to make an insurance claim tomorrow, would you know what possessions you had in your home – and their value?

None of us like to think that we may experience a theft or loss to our property due to a fire or even water damage. However, it is a fact that these problems can occur and if you want to minimise the stress, inconvenience and financial loss, keeping a record of your most valued possessions is the best way to handle these situations. It is especially important in the event of a theft, burglary or electrical damage.

As insurers, we want to pay your claim. This is a key part of what we do, providing you with an all-round service that ensures that you have the insurance cover that you need to protect you and your family.

Maintaining a record of your property will help us process your claim as smoothly as possible. Therefore, here are our four top tips:-

1. Keep receipts of any purchases you make – however small. This will provide proof of ownership and a value.
2. For particularly valuable items such as jewellery, silver or gold it is a good idea to get a valuation if possible.
3. Take good photographs/videos. These can provide some form of ownership if you have no receipts or valuations available.
4. Email to yourself your list of possessions and photos. This will ensure the information is on the internet ‘cloud’ and be accessible by you later. Alternatively, you may wish to store a copy of the list and supporting photos etc. with a friend or family.

Whatever action you take, the most important thing is to document your personal property carefully and as comprehensively as you can. Please also remember that no matter with whom you insure your property with, will be a key requirement before any claim is settled.

Fortunately, theft is relatively uncommon – but do not leave it to chance and prepare a record of your possessions today so that you do not run the risk of losing out in the future.

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