Your British insurance agency located in Charente.

We are a registered AXA agency on the border of the Charente and Dordogne. We cover an area about an hours drive from our offices because we insist on being in close contact with our customers. We have over 1500 British customers for whom we provide a range of cover from Pet Insurance to Vintage Car Insurance.

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8. Feb
6 ways to save energy – and save you money

6 ways to save energy – and save you money

Reducing the energy we use in our homes is important for the future of our planet - and can also benefit each of us in our pockets. In France the typical household spends €2,500 a year on heating – electricity, wood and gas. By making a few adjustments to the way we live, we could …
9. Jan
Exciting new car trends in 2019

Exciting new car trends in 2019

France is respected across the world for its fantastic wine, great food and fascinating history. But let us not forget another French characteristic: its’ love of cars. Often innovative; sporty, petite, family and sometimes quirky, there are some 32 million cars owned in France (fortunately not all on the road at the same time…unless it’s …